No politics this morning. 

I just wondered for a full thirty minutes why my headache hadn't gone away, only to look down and see that I haven't yet taken the ibuprofen I intended to help in that endeavor.

So, I wouldn't make much sense anyway.

Bored? Watch this.



This is all I got today, really.  

I'm too sad to do any more blogging after this, and no, it's not 'cause fucking Friends is over - on that front, my feelings run more to singing, dancing glee, except that you still can't escape it - now everyone's gonna talk about it for days. Holy cow, am I ready for the weekend.

My family is slowly separating themselves from the normal world. Pardon me for shamelessly co-opting an expression, but my uncle is an asshat. You know, you'd think leaving people alone and not imposing your views on them might have some mitigating effect on their need to infect you with their hateful email forwards, but no. What actually happens is that it makes them so angry that you disagree that they'll put your WORK email on their forward list and just forward away all their wingnutty goodness crap.

Why, why, why?! Because the whole concept of family is lost on some people? That's gotta be it. Or maybe they just think of "family" in a Sopranos kind of way. If some terrible "accident" keeps me from voting, or if I'm Suddenly Silenced (sort of like Suddenly Susan, but without Brooke Shields - sorry fellas - or Judd Nelson - I'd say sorry ladies, but if you're still pining for Judd Nelson circa "Breakfast Club", I'm just sad for you) you heard it here first.

Speaking of unstable, if this kind of stuff makes you cry, isn't it a good thing that you got paid today and therefore can rely on those damned pharmaceutical giants to help you regain some type of equilibrium? Oh, did I say too much? Happy Friday, people. Check out the interesting people who do this better than I - if you were bored enough to read this, you'll think you've hit the blog jackpot reading any one of them, or browse today's topics and discuss amongst yerselves:

Economic Data: Yeah, jobs were created, and increases in average weekly earnings coupled with a slight decrease in weekly hours worked points are consistent with a meaningful increase in jobs. Plus, temp hiring was up, which usually is a leading indicator for real hiring - reflects continued caution, which I think is well-advised. We'll see how this plays out. I'll have a busy day keeping up with the repercussions.

Alright, already: To paraphrase a recent James Bond (ooh, I just love Bond films) villain, why can't you be a good sitcom, and die?

Yipes!: I shouldn't encourage her, but this kid is even angrier than I. She's also young and misguided. I'm sure that will change as she gets older. Or not, and she'll just grow up to be Ann Coulter.

Okay, really, I'm done for today, especially since I thought I lost this entire post and came thisclose to a complete breakdown. Crawfish and beer! Crawfish and beer! (Nothing like Gonads and Strife.)



Not nice to neglect those darling Brits, now is it? 

Travis rocks.

Stereophonics rock harder.

This is so much better than that Nickelback shite, which, go figure, Virgin plays a lot, too.


It's so important to protect the kids... 

From their dumbass parents.

Because, you know, by protect, we mean get 'em all knocked up and give 'em some fun STDs and stuff.

Okay, then. What about me? I'm not a kid.

Well, those same idiots probably don't want me to have an abortion (regardless of my circumstances), but the morning-after pill, which is touted as "not an abortion" isn't cool either, because that'd encourage the kiddies to grow up too fast. Uh, dude, hate to tell you, but you're a little late to worry about those sweet, innocent kids.

Okay, fine. I'll get the damn prescription if it comes to that, but don't bitch at me about the rising cost of healthcare, and I'll just tap dance to the beat of the collective tsk-tsks of the people who really just want us wanton sluts to jump through a bunch of hoops so they can feel all morally superior to our Hester Prynne-ish selves.

Screw you - I love scarlet.

ETA: As usual, someone else didn't need to act like a petulant six year old, and had better thought-out arguments than I.


Don't stand so close to me. 

After reading about this, not only was I struck by how uncomfortable this young woman was, all smooshed into Bush's armpit, but something about the whole fawning nature of the original Cincinnati Enquirer story struck me as just OFF. Well, no DUH.


Rammer Jammer 

Stupid dawgs. Actually, I don't mind the UGA #1 call nearly as much as I mind the UT #20 call - as if UT'll get a whole hell of a lot done without Clausen.

I'd like to see another few OTs this year in the Bama / UT game - ending in misery for those damn Vols. We'll see. I almost flung myself into Peachtree Street traffic after the last meeting - hopefully, history will not repeat itself.



This gets more and more dire. I'll let Kevin Drum take this one.

It bothers me that a lot of people's first reaction is "Americans will die because of this." I find that troubling, not because I want Americans to die, but because Iraqis ARE dying because of this.

Repercussions are not the only reason this is a problem. That's like saying all your religious faith is based on your fear of going to hell (if you're a Christian). Am I the only one bothered by this?

ETA: Also check this out.


Can you see him stomping his feet? 

Rummy, I'm feeling angry!

Um, do I smell trouble in paradise? It's so sad when two people who were so much in love...oh, just leave me alone, I can't talk about it. [sniff]


It's good to be grown up, sometimes.  

Because it means you can hop in the car, drive two hours, go to a concert at which you might be the oldest person there that didn't bring their kids, rock your little heart out, dance with yourself, get back in the car, stop for fuel, get wolf whistles from a bunch of rednecks, feel good about it, and sing all the way home.

Plus, this kid (I swear, he wasn't more than 19 - did I remind him of his babysitter?!) hit on me at the concert. It was kinda cool, except he just had to do it in the middle of one of my favorite songs by this band, plus, you know, it's different for girls - I just can't get my head wrapped around why young'uns would want to hit on me. I keep thinking they've got some sort of mommy complex.

Also, since when is it OK for 13-year-old girls to wear those ruffled skirts from the 80s that barely cover your ass and sing along to some of the absolute sweatiest lyrics ever - "Remember how my body tastes," "Keep her coming every night" ???????? Yikers. My mother would be appalled.

I highly recommend doing something like that every once in a while - having a date with little ol' you is really satisfying, plus you know who's staying at whose place. ;)



Why I love college baseball.  

Oh, puke. And I have an MBA, so it's gotta be pretty shameless for me to be out and out disgusted.


Is this what they mean by "hat in hand"? 

We have enough money! No, crap, we don't.

I don't rescind a whit of my previous criticism. If Bush et. al. can brazen their way through subsequent information changing things without being called flip-floppers, fine, me, too. Dare ya.


You got served. No, oh, jeez, sorry, no, you didn't.  

I'm thinking that as skeptical as I am, I don't begin to appreciate the skepticism of the Arab world in anticipating Bush's remarks, especially as

"The first Bush interview to air was with Al-Hurra, a U.S.-government funded Arabic-language station.

Al-Hurra is generally viewed in the region as propaganda. Another interview with Bush was expected to air later on Al-Arabiya television, a satellite channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is popular around the Arab world."

Okay, is it a surprise that Al-Hurra seems like "Bush is great TV" to the region? Not so much.

Really, propaganda TV aside, this skepticism is pretty justified, considering I didn't actually expect him to utter an actual apology, because, you know, he doesn't do that. On the other hand, Major General Geoffrey Miller did, so bravo to him, for both the content (he actually said he personally was sorry) and the message (unacceptable, not the norm) of his statement. The message behind Bush's address was the same, the delivery made me indulge my baser nature (hey, people, I warned you) and just roll my eyes. Here's why: Bush continues to pay lip service to "bringing the perpetrators to justice". I'm as tired as I can be of hearing that damned phrase escape his lips. "Bring the guilty/perpetrators/terrorists/whothefuckever to justice." Well, how's about you ACTUALLY DO THAT? Who, exactly, has been brought to justice so far? Saddam Hussein? Well, not yet, although we have him in custody. (Not that that has anything to do with the War on Terror, but even if I stretch it, he's not going to trial anytime soon, especially if we're going to let the Iraqis try him, since it was THEY he oppressed, raped, murdered, and terrorized, and not US.) Did I miss something, and we have Osama in custody? No? So we definitely have the most current perps in custody to bring them to justice, right?

In addition, the deaths of two Iraqi prisoners already have been ruled homicides. In one case, a soldier was court-martialed, reduced in rank and discharged from the Army. In the other homicide, a CIA contract interrogator's conduct has been referred to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

Okay, so is anyone certain what we mean by that whole justice thing? Or by "swiftly and firmly," which is how Bush characterizes the justice that will be served. Ask the Guantanamo detainees how good we are at that whole "swiftly" thing. On second thought, don't.

It's like your mom threatening to turn the car around - if she ever did, you'd take her pretty seriously, but if not, well, hell, wear her out, since she won't do it anyway. (My mother turned the car around...once.) If we keep talking about justice but rarely, if ever, actually bring anyone to justice, it's pretty hollow.

Am I advocating that we treat enemy combatants with kid gloves? No, actually, I'm not. But my peculiar notion of justice is that it be served within reasonable time limits and that it comply with applicable law, (i.e., the Geneva Conventions, not to mention, you know, if the US armed forces are involved, the UCMJ) so that people know that justice was served, instead of some poor vigilante substitute, like releasing a soldier from hazardous duty in Iraq for what was ruled a HOMICIDE. (Gee, sure sucks to go back to civilian life instead of this fun war zone. Pauvre moi!!) Isn't that the point?

I'm not stupid or naive enough to think that war is anything but barbaric, but wouldn't it work better if we tried to avoid giving people more reasons to hate us, if we treated POWs or other detainees with some modicum of human dignity? For those who're interested in this particular angle, it'd have the added bonus of throwing some weight behind our arguments that we don't deserve the hatred of the Arab world, 'cause we'd have something concrete, not just empty promises of "justice" to point to.

If there's justice to be served, we're all at the damned table, and we could do with a little. But don't sit me at a table, tell me about the great meal I'm about to be served and then proceed to blend it up, put it in a glass, and make me drink it through a straw in the nose - I'm likely to mistake it for something other than what it is, and to get mighty upset.



Oh. My. Gosh.  

When your blog's named "Unstable Folk" and your lifelong hero is Chuck Yeager, this kind of shit is just freaky.

Quiz Me
Ellen Mar*hman was
an Unstable Fighter Pilot
in a past life.

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Thanks to Bekah.


Dammit, Vlad. 

Aw, man. This might be the sexiest thing in my day. Can't you just feel that ache?

It makes me want to cry. It makes me hot.

That's good dialogue.


Money money money money...MONEY!  

"If the tempo of combat stays like it has been since early April, they'll have to increase the troops strength and they'll need a supplemental budget of well over $75 billion,"said Representative John Murtha, 71, the senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee panel that approves defense spending.

Well, holy cow. That's a lot of green.

Bloomberg news reports that monthly costs of the war in Iraq are approaching $6 billion, at least $2 billion more than Bush projected two months ago."

Okay, that's interesting. What was so different two months ago that meant that Bush was $2 BILLION off in his projections of how much the war was going to cost on a monthly basis? My guess is that NOTHING was $2 billion worth of different, but if you want to get right down to it, heck, they don't mind telling you the truth (in a nifty little bit of honesty):

Bush, 57, won approval from Congress to spend $87.5 billion this fiscal year and $62.6 billion in 2003, mostly for military operations and reconstruction in Iraq. This year's funding from Congress included $69 billion specifically for military operations. White House Budget Director Joshua Bolten said in February the administration wants to wait until January before making a request for as much as $50 billion more.

Oh, well, DUH. That might not be the most insightful comment of the day, but it's just appalling that this administration is so convinced of it's own teflon-like powers that they'll tell you straight out that they
1) Need the money, but
2) Don't dare ask for it until after the election.

What's so great (uh, for them) is that, as long as they just stick to this brilliant strategy, they won't take ANY HEAT for it whatsoever, simply because they used the Jedi mind trick...uh, actually, why won't they take heat for it, exactly? My boss would have my toes for breakfast if I were that bad at budgeting. But maybe if I told him I'd just engage in a little sleight of hand whereby we scoot some costs out to the next year and - wait a minute, aren't they buddies with those Enron folks? Mmm-hmm. I see. Nevermind.

The Bush administration wants to avoid ``the political embarrassment of having to come forward and admit that this venture is costing a lot more than they ever represented at the outset,'' said Representative John Spratt, 61, from South Carolina, the senior Democrat on the House Budget Committee.

Well, no offense, Rep. Spratt, but I don't think they can even conceive of "political embarrassment." Heck, if they're that concerned about political embarrassment, why is W their official spokesboob standard-bearer?

Oh, you know it gets better.

``We have no alternative, we have to pay,'' said Murtha, the first combat veteran of the Vietnam War elected to Congress and a recipient of two purple hearts for being wounded in battle and the Bronze Star for valor. Denying troops the funding they need would ``be an absolute, complete disaster.''

Hey, you'll get no argument from me about paying up. My question is this: why haven't you already declared this an "absolute, complete disaster"? More U.S. casualties in the last month than in any other month since the original invasion? I think that probably spells disaster pretty convincingly for those military families who were told that major combat operations were over.

But what about the dirtiest, low-downest (license, people), nastiest thing you can talk about - REPEALING THE TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY - ohthehorror. (You repealed the tax cuts! You bastards!) I mean, that would really be an "absolute, complete disaster" the scope and misery of which underpaid soldiers without proper equipment, operating in a country where they're not welcome couldn't BEGIN to imagine, huh? Gosh, I'm sure they're mighty concerned about whether or not Bush has to repeal some tax cuts to pay for ongoing operations in Iraq.

To secure more money from Congress, Bush may have to sacrifice part of his 10-year, $1.7-trillion package of tax cuts that he wants to be made permanent, Chafee said in an interview.

Murtha, a member of Congress from Pennsylvania since 1974, Chafee and other lawmakers said they are concerned Bush intends to delay a funding request until after the Nov. 2 election. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, 55, a Republican from California, said he plans to seek Congressional approval for at least $20 billion as a ``bridge'' between the end of the 2004 fiscal year and early January.

Okay, so at least I'm not the only one concerned about sacrificing our troops' needs for political expediency. Except for the Bush administration already said they were gonna do that. Okay, here, I'll give it to you again.

Bush, 57, won approval from Congress to spend $87.5 billion this fiscal year and $62.6 billion in 2003, mostly for military operations and reconstruction in Iraq. This year's funding from Congress included $69 billion specifically for military operations. White House Budget Director Joshua Bolten said in February the administration wants to wait until January before making a request for as much as $50 billion more.


My favorite conservative (oh, kiss it, he is) even took time to give me a little somethin' somethin' (as if I'd expect less!) Wait for it...Go, you crazy Arizonan, go!

McCain, who ran against Bush to be the Republican party's presidential candidate in 2000, called on the president to acknowledge the rising war costs.

``The fundamental truth is we face the security task mostly alone,'' McCain said in an April 22 speech in Washington. The president ``needs to be perfectly frank -- bringing peace and democracy to Iraq is an enormous endeavor that will be very expensive, difficult and long.''

There are some things GWB could say to gain him more of my respect than the common sea urchin. Dropping the bogus coalition-speak in favor of more plain talk about how it's really just our soldiers' lives on the line, now and for the foreseeable future, might be one of them. Unfortunately, he was so excited to declare Mission Accomplished that I can't really see that happening.



Some rich people make me feel fuzzy.  

Oh, sometimes I just want Warren Buffett to read me a story. One that ends with me as a billionaire. Or at least with John Kerry as President.


Okay, what? I'm starting slow.  

Two things today:

1) Do you know Franz Ferdinand? They're super.

2) This weekend, I've been smoke-free for a month. Not a single cig. It's like getting rid of a really boring, clingy boyfriend. Who never showers. And lives on your sofa. And whom all your friends hate.



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