No, you di-unt! 

Um, Whaaat?

"'The growing trend in cosmetic surgery reality shows, such as MTV's 'I Want a Famous Face', sends a dangerous message,' the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said Tuesday.

'They prey on the vulnerabilities of a society increasingly obsessed with physical perfection,' it added."

Oh, for fuck's sake, shut up and give Buffy her fucking Botox. "We're so concerned," my ass.

ETA: My mother took me down a peg or two by reminding me that British plastic surgeons aren't exactly getting paid on par with Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, thanks to NHS, but it's still odd that plastic surgeons are issuing statements like this given that they're, you know, plastic surgeons. Plus, what, the NHS is going to pay for Bridget Jones' lipo? I think they're still doing better than your typical GP in Britain. Just a guess - feel free to correct me. I don't mind being wrong.


Oh, Jesus. 

This is indescribable.

Someone will have something intelligent to say, and I'll link it shortly, but for now, I'm just sickened.

It's the end of the world as we know it, but I don't feel fucking fine. This seems like a simplistic observation, but don't we already know what happens when two peoples endlessly retaliate against each other? (Uh, that'd be the Israelis and the Palestinians, for those of you keeping count.)

Go on, they're smarter than I anyway:

As usual, see Daily Kos for incisive commentary.

More when people get stuff up.


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