Not only does he frighten me, he's apparently not a very good dad.

Man, if I didn't have a job and stuff, I'd totally be there. Dammit. Plus, it's Baton Rouge - it'd be a good party after, no matter what.

One of these days, Jenna's gonna be in Girls Gone Wild and every liberal I've ever met is going to wake up sweaty and panting, confused because they can't decide whether they're excited about Jenna showin' it off or about GWB's imminent aneurysm.

Sigh... A girl can dream, right?


Not that our children aren't the future and all... 

...but someone shut this kid up.



Why am I linking this? 

It's probably because I'm a raving idiot. But, Becks is staying in Spain and if, in my ideal world, there were a sequel to "Bend it Like Beckham," it might be important in that movie.

(Is it possible I liked that movie too much?)




I mean, really, people.



Legislative Business, not Monkey Business. 

If I wrote headlines for newspapers, I'd be so fired by now. God, I'm bad at that.

Anyway, check out how restrained the Alabama House of Representatives was yesterday. Nice to see.

Then I'm driving up to speak at a Dems club in North Alabama and what do I see on my way up? A Birmingham News headline that basically says "White House Counsel: Geneva 'Obsolete'"

Huh?! My first thought was, well, hell, if they can just declare the Geneva Conventions obsolete, why can't I declare that laws outlawing certain illegal drugs are obsolete? I mean, the law only applies if you want to follow it, right? So I find this article in Newsweek, with the following passage:

But while top White House officials publicly talked about trying Al Qaeda leaders for war crimes, the internal memos show that administration lawyers were privately concerned that they could [be] tried for war crimes themselves based on actions the administration were taking, and might have to take in the future, to combat the terrorist threat.

The issue first arises in a January 9, 2002, draft memorandum written by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) concluding that "neither the War Crimes Act nor the Geneva Conventions" would apply to the detention conditions of Al Qaeda or Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The memo includes a lengthy discussion of the War Crimes Act, which it concludes has no binding effect on the president because it would interfere with his Commander in Chief powers to determine "how best to deploy troops in the field." (The memo, by Justice lawyers John Yoo and Robert Delahunty, also concludes—in response to a question by the Pentagon—that U.S. soldiers could not be tried for violations of the laws of war in Afghanistan because such international laws have "no binding legal effect on either the President or the military.")

I don't want to bake Al Qaeda members cookies or nothin', but I'm just so SICK of this administration's hubris.

Must go fume.


Worst. Blogger. Ever.  

Yes, I know. I can hear Comic Book Guy in my head, and he's full of disdain for my lackadaisical attitude for the past week. But I've been busy. So back off.

I can't decide if I'm saddened by Sonia Gandhi's decision or heartened that she put the stability of the Indian government first. Is that bowing to pressure of acting with good faith and humility? I honestly feel ambivalent about it. Will this weaken the Congress party's power or will it be seen as a step towards greater cooperation with the Hindu Nationalists? Hmm.

On the other hand, this gives me hope, and nudges me closer and closer to campaigning for Roy Moore instead of John Kerry. I'm thinking it'd help Kerry just as much.

Sticking with the religion theme...

This weekend, I'm wandering around downtown, perfectly content, eating ice cream, when I realize that the band playing on the street are actually backing up an evangelical preacher of some stripe. He starts off okay, with some comments about how he's not going to tell you to go to church and some other stuff about how he can't tell you how to be a good Christian, and I'm thinking that that's probably a better way to attract new followers instead of the whole "we're right, you're wrong" thing, but I really should have known better...The next thing he said was that it's too bad people don't get second chances, like POOR NICK BERG, WHO'LL NEVER HAVE A CHANCE NOW TO ACCEPT CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOR.



ETA: Good thing fundies don't read the Village Voice, huh? Someone keep those evangelicals that are disenchanted from reading this.


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