Hot Young Single Women!!! 

Knew you'd look. It isn't so much pathetic as it is predictable (fine, you want hot, young, single (oops!) women?), but now that I've got you...

Anyway, I think I'm getting my x-number of degrees of blogging correct on this. Rox Populi will be added to the blogroll as soon as my lazy, lazy self gets around to it, but for now I was scanning and found this. Roxanne wants you to read these first, then asks:
Are single women really disengaged from the political sphere or are the demographers missing something?

If they are feeling disconnected, what can be done to re-connect these women?
(thanks for the link, Mustang Bobby!)

Single women, in my limited experience, are somewhat disengaged from the political sphere - my girlfriends either vehemently disagree with me (but that's just one case and I suspect she disagrees to be disagreeable) or are sort of apathetic about the whole thing. I can't tell if that's because, for the most part, they're white, middle-to-upper class, Protestants, and therefore their lives aren't significantly changed, in their mind, regardless of the party affiliation of the current WH occupant, or WHAT.

I suspect that it is precisely this middle-to-upper class demographic that organizations like Women Against Bush are trying to reach - women who understand that they are limited because of structural inequalities (I'd hate to compare the average starting salaries (including bonuses and benefits) of the men vs. the women that I got my MBA with), because of biological choices (wanting to have children), or for whatever reasons. I think this is a great way to get young women involved in the process, because while it satisfies a need for serious activism, it's a fun way to do it - it doesn't require that you wear sackcloth. Rather, these are women who'd spend a few hot hours registering voters in their Manolos - and there's not a damn thing wrong with that.

Stridency is a turnoff for some women, because we're conditioned differently, for the most part - Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office is not only the title of a book, but it reflects a lot of research done in recent years about gender communication styles - how women are less likely to push their own agendas, to take credit for work they did, to perceive their opinion as of equal importance to others, but are more likely to use qualifiers in our speech patterns, to defer to others' judgment, or to give credit where it isn't really due. (I'll post a link to the article I'm thinking about as soon as I get it from my former communications prof.)

In general, women are more likely to exhibit behaviors that they think will lead to being "liked" versus behaviors that strictly serve their goals. All of this, again, in support of the idea that there is yet a cultural bias towards women working with others, being non-offensive, etc., and that if they feel that being involved is likely to get them labeled a "librul" (which I personally lurve), or a "bitch" (a la Hillary), they're less likely to do it, but if they see it as a positive, non-confrontational type of involvement, it's easier to convince them to do so.

From another angle, I read a pretty interesting article about young singles in general and the extent to which they work for structural change as it adversely affects them. (The article was in USA Today, but I can't find it in their archives - check out the American Association for Single People as a resource if you're curious what some issues are for singles of lots of different stripes.) Even if the major parties were to acknowledge the concerns of young, single women (or men, really), that may be likely to make a smaller impact because many people who are single don't see themselves as part of that group voluntarily - they're only single until their "real life" begins. I know that's more broad than the original questions and posts that Roxanne linked, but these are the swing voters, and whether they think their tax burden will be fairer under a Democrat (even though they might have voted Rethug in the past) or if they see that sorority girls are Democrats, too, then whatever. I want them involved, Manolos, BMWs, and all.

I know I've totally ignored the question of whether lower-income young, single women are disengaged, and that's a topic for a whole other post. Suffice to say, they, too, need to be given a reason to sacrifice their time (which is likely in shorter supply than that of middle and upper-income women), even if that's just a few minutes to learn about an issue that might be important to them, to be politically active. It's easier for me to put myself in the shoes of women who are otherwise more similar to me, having had certain advantages, than to imagine how difficult life might be if I had not, and what it might take for me to become interested and involved. I can see where it might be very difficult for lower-income women to imagine that anyone would listen to their concerns. It's not unimportant to me, just unfamiliar. Plus, y'all are damn tired of reading right now, huh?



Holy Cow.  

There's so much good in this one post, from Ampersand over at Alas, a Blog (yes, I'm too lazy to update my links just now), that I'm having trouble absorbing it all.

I got stuck on:
-Discussion of UN Population Fund funding/unfunding
-Bush/ZombieReagan 2004



He said it better. Yesterday. 

But if I could sign my name to the bottom of this, I would. Stupid Yahoo.



Sausage balls and the nature of lurrrve.  

If anyone ever makes you sausage and cheese balls and you aren't absolutely, 100%, never-want-to-live-without-them in love with the person who made them, run like hell.

See, they're a huge pain in the ass to make. I know, because I've just made, oh, sixty or so, and am starting on the second batch. My arms are killing me.

I won't do this again, unless it's, say, my tenth wedding anniversary and I want to do something REALLY special...something that requires effort, and perserverance, and a willingness to overcome my natural inclination against anything that makes me suicidal.

I damn sure won't repeat this exercise in a sort of cooking-based self-immolation except under the above conditions or other, similarly unlikely ones, so if anyone is willing to do this for you, congratulations they're psycho. At some point, you'll have to get a restraining order. Consider yourself warned.



This is really getting ridiculous.  

I'm telling you, my body isn't supposed to be betraying me like this yet.

I only played 9 holes on Sunday morning (I know, I'm such a pagan goddess heathen, but when else are you going to have the course to yourself?) and now my shoulders and my HANDS (yes, my hands) are killing me. I guess that's what they mean by novice golfers having tension in their shoulders...and obviously, I need to work on my grip if my hands hurt like this - they're just raw. Ouch.

On the plus side, Dad waited until I asked for it to give me advice (I'm wondering what he must have ruptured from holding back), and since I wasn't frustrated already, I took it well and ended up hitting some of the best on-course shots I've ever hit.

Also, if you're a woman and you play golf, don't look at Golf Magazine for Women unless you're independently wealthy. I browsed through while we were waiting on threatening weather to pass and had a few "moments" with the pretty, shiny ads...

Then, I get home yesterday and watch the Lakers lose. Again. I don't know why I'm taking so much pleasure in this.


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