A fine, fine line. 

This Washington Post story infuriates me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the law clearly prohibits tax-exempt organizations like churches from engaging in partisan politics. If this guide, and the activities it encourages, don't violate the letter of the law (I'm obviously not a tax lawyer or I'd know), they violate the spirit of the law, and to me, that's just as dangerous. Isn't it a sin, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, to have sin "in your heart", whether or not you act on it? If so, it seems that the parallels are clear. I'd encourage all Christian Democrats to stand up to this bullying in your own churches, except that I have zero influence.

That they're doing this in the face of a letter from the IRS, specifically reiterating the prohibition against even indirect participation in partisan politics further evidences their contempt for rules that don't suit them.

Also, if I were smart enough to post pictures, I would. I go into the coffee room today and there are "W '04" stickers on the counter. If they're still there when I leave, I'm swiping them.




Light blogging the past week on account of my cable modem is all screwed up again and then being out of town, but I'll get back on it in the next day or so. Too busy catching up at work and in my life to do too much today or tomorrow.

Wish me luck - I'm exhausted.

Quick aside: I got to sail on the Onawa on Tuesday. Wowee. More on that trip later, too.


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