I honestly think Martha Stewart's sentence seems reasonable. Five months in prison, two years of probation? I don't see how it would be possible to justify a longer stay in prison - locking up nonviolent offenders, (particularly those in good financial shape) for extended sentences strikes me as a collosal waste of taxpayer dollars, and, you know, just fucking dumb. Our prisons aren't more overcrowded and drug-infested as a result of mandatory minimum sentences or anything.

Anyway, point being that it's probably about right - I know I'm probably in the minority, but I don't particularly dislike her. I don't particularly like her either, but for this crime, I wasn't prepared to burn her at the stake. Pardon the moral relativism, but I'll wait to chortle with glee until someone who's done something really beyond the pale coughKenLaycough goes to up-the-butt prison.



I'm so proud! 

My favoritest cousin hosted a MoveOn.org phone party at her house last weekend to register voters in Florida. About eight people came, and she was incredibly excited - it was quite the success, and provided some good stories, too, like the woman that she had to call back, having forgotten to get some information from the woman. When she calls back, the woman tries to get her 18-year-old son to register, but he doesn't want to or something, so my cousin tells the woman that she can hear the TV and that she should tell her son that registering to vote is much more important than television, whereupon the woman puts down the phone and hollers at the kid. (Alas, he didn't register, but she sent him a blank form. We're betting his mom will make him do it.)

The people who came to this party were all other preschool moms (like my cousin) and dads who have never been involved in politics before, which really excites me. Other people she knows through her daughter's preschool are part of the group as well, and they're all really pumped. Plus, don't wanna be a starf***er or nothin', but Camryn Manheim's part of their group, which I think is totally cool.


Bogged down with work... 

...but I'm not in a total news vacuum. Didja see the latest Zogby Interactive Poll?

Quite honestly, I don't live and die by polls, but the WSJ Online keeps this pretty prominently displayed, and it's nice to see that Kerry's pulled ahead in all but four of the Zogby-identified "battleground" states (Tennessee is tied), but even nicer is that, in the three where Bush is leading, it's tenuous - within the margin of error.

That's good stuff. It'll swing around a bunch more and next week I'll be cursing at it, probably, but it's still nice to see.


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